Purple Sage

The drought hardy plant I spotted on my morning walk has been identified.  It is a introduced, desert-adapted plant called Leucophyllum frutescens (click for description and characteristics), commonly known as Purple Sage or Texas Sage.  It has really low water requirement, needing watering once in 2-3 weeks in the summer and just once a month in winters!

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  1. […] The area around the new clover-leaf junction has been planted thickly with different species.  With a scorching summer and delayed rains, the expanse of bamboo was all yellowed and highly stressed (but has rebound since with the rains).  The stone pitching in one place is inter-planted with Hamelia patens which was looking sparse but still happy.  At the bottom of the slope I spotted tall (about 5′, and a good 4′ spread), spreading shrub that I have not seen before.  In contrast to everything around it was looking lush with heavy foliage.  It has grey-green foliage and purple flowers and was striking in how well it was dealing with the drought-like conditions at the bottom of the stone pitching.  I haven’t yet identified the shrub but I really like it and will find out more about it. [PS: The shrub is Purple Sage] […]

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